St. Tammany Parish Safe Haven Campus
The Safe Haven Campus is a place where all people living with mental illness or substance use disorders can come to be asessed, locate services, and ultimately recieve the care they need based on where they are within their behavioral health journey.
   Current Services Include:
         - 28- day rehabilitation program for substance abuse 
         - Residential programs and drop-in day center for people
               living with a persistent mental health diagnosis 
         - Three Alternative schools  
         - Access to essential items for those in need 
NAMI-St. Tammany (National Alliance on Mental Illness) 
NAMI provides resources, support, education, and advocacy for people with mental illness and their loved ones.
      Current Services Include:
         - Monthly support groups and education courses for loved
               ones of individuals with a mental health diagnosis 
         - Weekly support groups and education courses for individuals
            coping with mental health diagnosis
         - Education classes for parents of a child with a mental health 
         - Helping individuals navigate the local mental health system 
Phone: (985) 626-6538
St. Tammany Parish Coroner's Office
The corner has the legal authority to commit anyone who is homicidal, suicidal, or gravely disabled. The office stands ready, willing, and able to exercise this authority to ensure that our community remains a safe one and to ensure that those citiens sufffering from mental illness are appropriately treated.  
Phone: 985-781-1150 
Real Talk Support Group
Real Talk is a weekly support group for teens (age 14-17) in the Baton Rouge area who are living with thoughts of suicide. Real Talk provides an understading space for teens living with suicide ideation to talk about what they're really going through. The group meets every Monday on zoom from 6pm-7:30pm. Every three weeks there will be a simultaneous support group meeting for parents with teens enrolled in the group. Real Talk is free to join and if offered in partnership between grief Recovery Center and VIA LINK. 
To enroll in group or receive addtional information email or call (225) 925-6621. 
National Links: 

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